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The Process Of RAID 10 Recovery

Computers | Posted by Harvey November 27th, 2015


The RAID is abbreviated by redundant array of inexpensive disks that undergo the process of recovery whenever it is required. The RAID recovery is an important tool used for the users of RAID array. This process recognizes the configurations in the lower levels of RAID. This method involves automatic and manual detection of RAID parameters. RAID 10 recovery is a complex procedure that lets people recover and restore the data loss.

RAID 10 or RAID 1+0 is done by four drives. This shows that the total space in RAID 10 will be the total sum of storage capacities present in all drives in array. The total sum is then divided by two. The method of RAID 10 recovery is somehow expensive because it involves small capacity of drives. This method is improved and developed as compared to other levels of RAID. The initial methods of this recovery requite identification of RAID failure. Several technicians of data recovery can help in determining the cause of failure. For RAID 10 recovery, the device of RAID 10 must be switched on immediately so that extra data don’t get written on the array. This helps in documenting the processes that are occurring in series and results in the failure of RAID 10. Read more about this here.

Reasons To Hire RAID Data Recovery Experts

Using RAID is a very popular way of storing large amount of data at one place, and that is exactly what all business areas need these days. However, just with single data storage, sometimes, it is necessary to do the RAID repair, and since that may be a bit complicated, there are many experts that specialize in this type of data recovery, especially Hard Drive Recovery Group (HP ProLiant and Dell PowerEdge server repairs are their specialty).

The main part of the RAID data recovery process lies in analyzing each drive separately to look for a physical damage. When damage Read the rest of this entry »